Rubondo Island, in the south-west of Lake Victoria, is one of Tanzania’s smallest National Parks, occupying an entire island. Lake Victoria is an inland sea sprawling between Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. The 240 sq km island, also known as The Jewel of Victoria, provides an unforgettable experience for visitors, exploring the main island and 11 smaller islets, combining the breath-taking natural beauty of a forest refuge with the relaxing tranquillity of sandy lake-shore beaches.

Rubondo Island is on a rift in the lake and essentially consists of a partially submerged rift of 4 volcanically formed hills. The habitat is mixed evergreen and semi-deciduous forest, which covers about 80% of the island’s surface area, hosting a variety of common species. The eastern lakeshore is characterised by rocky areas and sandy beaches whilst the western shore supports extensive papyrus swamps, lined with date palms.

Among elephants the roam the island and the hundreds of birds, guests can embark on forest walks, canoe trips, chimpanzee trekking, catch-and-release fishing and a variety of other activities that promote eco-sensitivity.